4 de noviembre de 2013



2013 has been so busy, I had no time to update any of my profiles but my facebook profile.
Feel free to follow! A doodle almost every day!

Cheers. :-)


19 de junio de 2013

Joachim DE comic (cont.): Character creation

I just realized how important it is to have a good character design before having the story layout. Through the design, the personality shows up. That makes the story adapt and change and become more sincere, more human.
On top of that, once you feel familiar with the design, the workflow is easier and faster.
Here are some designs (not finals) for the new story: Dieser Tag.

7 de junio de 2013

Joachim DE Comicbook: Love, fur and feathers

'Niebenenander' (sentados lado a lado). Cada relación pasa por esta fase al menos una vez en la vida. Por qué estamos juntos? Es por no estar sólo? Es pura inercia? De verdad deberíamos estar juntos?
Oso y pato se quieren, pero a veces no es suficiente.

'Niebenenander' (sitting side by side). Every relationship goes through this phase at least once in life. Why are we together? Is it just not to be lonely? Is it just inercia? Are we really supposed to be together? Bear and Duck love each other, but sometimes it's not enough.

30 de mayo de 2013